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The best caregiver for your family will blend seamlessly into your family dynamic.


They will be an extension of you and can be trusted to efficiently do their job, provide the best care, and be respectful of your parenting practices with little to no oversight.


Whether you need help wrangling your children, running a few errands, or managing scheduled maintenance in the home, there is a provider that can fulfill the ever changing needs of your family.

Pricing Structure

Registration Fee - $500

Will be applied to placement fee but not the Babysitting membership.

Nanny Placement Fees


Full Time Nanny (Live In/Live Out)- $3000

Part Time Nanny- $2500

Newborn Care Specialist- $500

Family Assistant- $2500

Placement Process


1. Phone Consultation


You've submitted your initial inquiry and a So Life Team member will contact you to learn a little more about your family, discuss your needs, and explain the process, fees, and answer any of your initial questions.



2. Skype Interview

After the phone consultation, you will be sent a Family Information Sheet to complete and we will schedule an in person virtual interview to further discuss your specific needs, our recommendations,  and the deposit is paid to officially begin a candidate search. Following this meeting, profiles of a few candidates we think will work out for your position are presented to be considered.

3. Profile Reviews

Following your interview, we will allow you a few days to discuss the profiles, make a note of your favorites, and select a few to contact for initial phone interviews.

4. In Person Interviews

Once the phone interviews are completed, we will set up in person interviews for the candidates you're interested in. During the in-person interview,  the job requirements, salary, benefits, and other contract terms are discussed prior to drafting an official contract. A template will be provided, but will need to be tailored to the specific needs of both you and your nanny.

5. Contract & Negotiations

Once you decide to hire one of our candidates, the remaining balance of your placement fee is due. Once received, you then have the option to trial with your nanny or allow them to start work immediately. Prior to an official start date, your contract is to be finalized and signed by both parties.

6. Placement

Once the contracts are signed, the trial period has ended, and your ideal match has been found, So Life will be around to assist should you need any additional guidance!


Placement Guarantee

So Life Agency stands behind our placements with a six month guarantee on long term permanent placements. The guarantee is effective starting on the first day of employment. Should the initially hired employee be terminated or chooses to resign from their placement, the client will be entitled to a replacement search and a fill in temporary nanny (if available)  until a permanent replacement is found.

If the employee is terminated or resigns the position after the first 30 days of employment, but before the guarantee end date, the client is eligible for one replacement search.

So Life is not obligated to conduct a replacement search for the following reasons:

  • Client fails to pay the agency placement fee invoice 

  • Client changes the job description and responsibilities

  • Client decreases or increases the work hours, changes the work schedule, or decreases or fails to pay the salary

  • Decreases employment benefits

  • Client relocates

  • Client fails to satisfy all client’s obligations under the So Life Client Agreement

  • Client fails to inform or initiate the replacement search process within 7 calendar days of the employee’s last day of employment. 

  • Client fails to maintain a safe work environment or if the employee resigns due to immoral or criminal activities within the client’s household.

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