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Childcare Resumes: 101

When beginning any career you will be asked for your resume more often than not. The stress of actually compiling and recording your work experience can be daunting, but is very necessary. The nanny industry is no different!

For agencies, it is more common to ask for a resume from a candidate before sending them an application to complete, and here is why-


Resume building from scratch is tedious. If you aren’t computer savvy, it may take a while to input your information, find an efficient format, and then find a design that will be appeasing to the hiring manager. Anyone can fill out a job application, but going the extra mile to create a clear and concise resume shows that you are taking this nanny position search seriously, not just looking for quick money to pass the time.

Most nanny agencies require applicants to have a childcare based resume. The key components to have on your childcare based resume are listed below, with examples for reference!

Photo: Some agencies require photos for nannies seeking employment through their agency. Your photo should be a head shot, taken from the chest-up with good lighting on your face, and no strong dramatic shadows. There are agencies that ask for full body shots, but either way, it MUST be professional looking. There is no need to hire a photographer for your picture, as iPhone and Androids both take amazing pictures. Find some good lighting, wear something that is flattering and still professional, and avoid skimpy clothing, heavy makeup, and selfies (use that self-timer!) You can allow your personality to show through, but keep it professional. The photo is the first impression families and agencies will see, you don’t want them to write you off based on a less than professional photo!

Here are some good examples of headshots (you may see some familiar faces :-))

Full Name- Your first and last name will be what agencies Google when you submit your application. Additionally, you will have to be background checked and giving your full given name (not an alias) would be ideal. Some nannies choose to go by a nickname, and if you prefer the use of a nickname, you should include that. For example Marsha “Miss Marshie” Jones.

Location- It is not required that you list your physical address on your childcare based resume, just a city and state will suffice. Agencies will likely require your address for your background check and to determine how long your commute will be if that is important for clients, but outside of a request for your full address, you should be fine without it.

Phone Number- Be sure to list a current phone number. Sometimes What’s App/Google voice numbers work, but in any instance, a permanent number is preferred so that there is no confusion when agencies are attempting to contact you.

Email Address- You need a professional email address to add to your resume! may work for your personal life, but your resume is a professional reflection of you! The amount of unprofessional and inappropriate emails that go overlooked by an agency would shock you, so getting another professional email from a free server such as Gmail or Yahoo just for your job search is highly encouraged. Keeping it simple with your first and last name makes it easy for you to remember!

Objective/ Qualifications/Career Summary Statement: Human resource departments believe that objective statements on resumes are outdated, and we are inclined to agree. The objective is usually prominent at the top of your resume, after your contact information, and is seen before the actual work experience. When we are showing nannies how to make resumes, we encourage them to use a career summary statement instead of an objective. The career summary statement will highlight the relevant experience, skills, and achievements in your desired field. The career summary should be around 2-5 sentences and plainly identify the value you will add to the role. The stronger the statement, the more interested the hiring manager will be in reading the rest of your resume.

This is an example of a career summary that illustrates the value this candidate would add to a nanny role.

Skills/ Qualifications: Following the summary statement you can list your qualifications, certifications, additional trainings, and any additional languages that you speak. Often times this can be bullet pointed and is completely optional, but highly encouraged to be included in on a resume. Some common qualifications that you may include any certifications that pertain to your position; CPR/ First Aid, nutrition, breast feeding, car seat safety, water safety, baby sign language, etc.