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S0, let's live life.

So Life Agency is here to connect dynamic households

with qualified nannies and services who strive to integrate family lifestyle and professional developmental care.


Our candidates are knowledgeable, experienced and determined to provide children with all the tools of an enriched and social home life.


Our Values


Children deserve to be surrounded by genuine care and attention. We make sure we provide our clients with the best caregivers to ensure that no child lacks home stability and healthy management.



Dynamic households are ever-changing and evolving due
to career events, schedules and more. So whether you need care last minute or seasonally, we are here to provide professional nannies without settling. Meaning, our nannies are always qualified, day or night, week or month.


From nurturing a cold to a schedule full of activities,
we are always focused on providing a caring and attentive home life.


Our households range from high-profile clients to clients who prefer their home life private and our nannies are ethically responsible. We hire nannies who are reliable, honest, and full of integrity.

Our Services

Full-Time Nannies

We provide long term assistance to families for forty hours or more per week.


Part-Time Nannies

We also assist with long term child care but work less than 35 hours a week. 

Travel Nannies

Our travel nannies accompany or meet families away from their home to provide full service childcare. 

Night Nannies

So Life Agency can handle care for your little ones overnight while you catch up on much needed rest. 

Family Assistants

Not only nanny the children, but also perform personal assistant tasks as required. 

Let us help you find the most qualified care.

Finding a qualified nanny for your family is very important. During the placement process, we take the headache out of the tedious applicant screening, leaving you more time to focus on other tasks at hand. 



Come work with us!

At So Life Agency, we are not only here for the families but for nannies as well. Finding that "Dynamic Family" isn't the easiest task, but our open door policy during the search process will
help you find a position that is perfect for you!

So Life Contact Information

(470) 471 - 5225

Get Social With So Life

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